Ant Hull and Staying on the Offensive

My good friend, Ant Hull, came to St. Louis for new head shots.  Ant and I have been trying to make this shoot happen long before I moved to St. Louis and it took him leaving New York and re-locating to L.A. to turn it into a reality!  He's heading out west to pursue a career in acting, and he already has a great resume built up on both sides of the camera.  He's keeping the momentum going with a location change and some new images.  

Ant landed Wednesday morning and we took advantage of the warm weather and cruised up and down Cherokee St., stopping along the way to take some portraits.  Thursday we hit the studio for the real deal.  It was my first time renting studio space in St. Louis, and I found a great daylight studio downtown called "City Studio STL."   It was the perfect set up for what we needed.  

After an awesome day of shooting, we grabbed some barbeque and some drinks and caught up on life.  We talked about our experiences transitioning out of New York, personal projects, and staying creative.  Ant brought up the idea of "staying on the offensive" and it really struck a chord with me.  It's so easy to get caught up in what others are doing on Instagram and forget your own accomplishments and your own journey.  You have to keep creating, moving forward, building on your own momentum; You have to stay on the offensive.  

It was great to see Ant, and we're already talking about his return visit later this year.  Looking forward to our next shoot, and ready to "be on the offensive" until then!