Storm King

Last weekend I took a trip out to Mountainville, NY with some friends to visit the Storm King Art Center.  I had seen so many incredible photos from friends over the summer, that I had to check it out myself.  

Five Swords by Alexander Calder and a view of the South fields

Richard Serra's Schunnemunk fork

Making our way across the South Fields

Three Legged Buddha by Zhang Huan

A walk along Storm King Wall by Andy Goldsworthy

The Columns at the top of Museum Hill

Tintypes with Josh Wool

One of the reasons I love living in NYC is that it's put me in contact with fellow artists I've only been able to follow via tumblrs or personal blogs.  It's a thrill running into (and sometimes living down the street from) photographers I really respect.  Such is the case with Josh Wool.  

Josh has been doing some amazing work lately, and his recent tintype portraits have been incredible.  He recently earned a spot in VSCO's Artist Initiative Program, and has been traveling around the Hudson Valley making some beautiful images.  

It takes a lot of work (and chemicals) to set up a single frame, so I was honored when he asked me to sit for a quick tintype a few days before he packed up his gear and hit the road for his VSCO project. It's a slow process with the sitter having to stay perfectly still for the sometimes 4-second exposure.  Josh has his processing down, and as you can see, the results are really stunning. See more of Josh's work here, and keep up with his progress via his VSCO grid here.  Thanks Josh!